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亚搏:美国大炮一家三口染新冠 包机逃出俄罗斯躲避隔离
发布时间:2021-09-03 10:08:01

Today, U.S. Quirei, who was planning to participate in the ATP500 tournament in St. Petersburg, was tested positive for the new crown virus before the game. He was then asked to withdraw from the first round of the match against No. 2 seed Shapovalov and was signed. Troyki, the lucky loser, replaced him and was also required to undergo a 14-day quarantine at the hotel.


Querrey’s wife and eight-month-old child were also tested positive for the virus. The three were originally required to be quarantined at the Four Seasons Hotel, a five-star hotel in the competition. Of course, this hotel is very luxurious, even if it is quarantined. Comfortable and cozy.


   However, after that, the staff of the Russian health department called Quirei and said that they would be assessed by a doctor and that they may require mandatory hospitalization if they develop symptoms related to the new coronavirus.


   Of course you know, how Americans have a stereotype of Russia, how can they be safely admitted to a Russian hospital, not to mention that they are worried about being separated from their eight-month-old son. So Querei made a very crazy decision and they ran away...Quirei then chartered a private jet and took the family out of the Russian border...

当然,您知道,美国人如何看待俄罗斯,如何安全地将他们送往俄罗斯医院,更不用说他们担心与自己八个月大的儿子分开。因此Querei做出了一个非常疯狂的决定,他们逃跑了... Quirei然后包租了一架私人飞机,将全家带出俄罗斯边境...

   It is said that they ran to a "nearby European country", and they did not need to be tested negative for the new crown to enter, and then they lived in a guest house. In order to prevent being deported to Russia, Quirei is currently keeping his whereabouts a secret.


   This incident apparently shocked and panicked the ATP. After all, in other countries hosting events, their players also seriously violated the local epidemic prevention regulations. The incident is currently under serious handling and investigation. Undoubtedly, this matter will have some impact on the smooth operation of this station and the holding of other tournaments thereafter.


   I am afraid that Querey will inevitably receive some severe penalties. According to relevant regulations, he may face a maximum of $100,000 or a three-year suspension. Of course, what’s even more frightening is that in this week’s ATP250 Sardinia race, it was reported that more than 20 players were infected with the new crown virus...

恐怕Querey不可避免地会受到一些严厉的处罚。根据相关规定,他可能面临最高$ 100,000的罚款或三年的停职。当然,更令人恐惧的是,在本周的ATP250撒丁岛比赛中,据报道有20多名球员感染了新的冠状病毒...

Finally, let’s briefly report on yesterday’s result. In the ATP500 St. Petersburg station, the top seed Medvedev returned to his motherland and the hard court is obviously back. He defeated Gasquet 3-6 6-3 6-0. Get a good start.

最后,让我们简要介绍一下昨天的结果。在ATP500圣彼得堡站,头号种子梅德韦杰夫返回祖国,而硬地球场显然又回来了。他以3-6 6-3 6-0击败了加斯奎特。取得良好的开端。

 亚搏  No. 2 seed Shapovalov also defeated the lucky loser Troyki 6-2 6-3 to advance to the second round. In addition, Wawrinka, who took the lead in the second round, defeated Donskoy 6-1 3-6 6-3, and became the "uncomfortable in three sets" in the current tournament.

2号种子沙波瓦洛夫(Shapovalov)也以6-2 6-3击败了幸运的失败者Troyki,晋级到第二轮。此外,在第二轮中领先的瓦林卡(Wawrinka)以6-1 3-6 6-3击败顿斯科伊(Donskoy),在本届比赛中成为“三局不安”。

   In the ATP250 Cologne race, No. 4 seed Parley lost to the 94th ranked Novaka 3-6 4-6, continuing his downturn after contracting the new crown virus. No. 6 seed Hurkac defeated Misha Zverev (Zverev Velev), who had not appeared on the tour for a long time, 6-4 6-3.

亚搏网页在ATP250科隆比赛中,排名第4的帕雷(Parley)以3-6 4-6输给了排名第94的诺瓦卡(Novaka),在感染了新的冠状病毒后继续了他的低迷。六号种子赫尔卡克以6-4 6-3击败了很久没有出现在巡回赛上的米莎·兹维列夫(Zverev Velev)。

   The Sardinia race has not yet been suspended due to the collective infection of the new crown virus, but the second seed Lajovic, the fifth seed Sonego and the sixth seed Andujar have all been eliminated.


Tomorrow, St. Petersburg station Medvedev, Shapovalov, Lublev, Kachanov, the top four seeds will debut, and the top three seeds of Cologne Zverev, Agut and Aliasim will make his debut.




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